Crooked Muse
last updated: Monday , January 26 , 2004
Crooked Muse is a sort of clearing house for the poetry and stories of Scott "Scix" Maddix -- illustrated by himself and various friends. If you'd like to volunteer to illustrate one of Scix' poems or stories, e-mail him at     Discuss.

Scooter—Added January 2004

I fly... --Words and image by Scix

Is it Worth It?—Added January 2004

Life choices come with a price... --Words and image by Scix

Sweeping—Added January 2004

Stagnant air finally moves... --Words and image by Scix

Cup of Coffee—Added January 2004

A haiku about my favorite things... --Words and image by Scix

It Is on Sundays—Added January 2004

Urban life drags ont he soul... --Words and image by Scix

There Is No Time—Added January 2004

A psychedelic visual essay on time... --Words and image by Scix

I Am Disjointed—Added January 2004

The speaker feels disconnected from the real world... --Words and image by Scix

Meditations on Satan—Added January 2004

What does "Satan" really mean?... --Words and image by Scix

Something In The Rye—Added January 2004

A dark folk song about the werewolf and witch hunts of the middle ages ... and their possible cause... --Words and image by Scix

Panta Claus 2002—Added January 2004

A PDI holiday special from Yule, 2002... --Scix and Coyotegirl

Panta Claus 2000—Added January 2004

A PDI holiday special from Christmas, 2000... --Scix and Talbon

Trick or Treat—Added January 2004

A PDI holiday special from Halloween, 2000... --Scix and Talbon

And Death Shall Have No Dominion—Added October 2002

A poignant Dylan Thomas piece illustrated with current news photos... --Manhattan

The Cowboy Song —Added October 2002

A cowboy love song with a twist -- Skeeve Wolfie

Vincent—Updated October 2002

A tale of a boy who changed his mind about dragons... -- Pocket Owl, Timmerryn


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